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About us

Brother and sister rested their foreheads and looked at each other and that is how the vision behind Carlheim was formed. That’s us, one vision, a brother and a sister.

The story

The original idea came to life a few years back. The idea of creating something that would make an impression. The watch has grown from just being something that helps you keep track of time to become a piece of you, a symbol of what you represent. At the same time the history behind the watch itself and the impact it has had on people throughout history is so interesting. That is also the reason why our first collection was designed as a chronograph. Combining history, keeping track of time, with what it has become today, a piece of you, an accessory that people will notice you for.

We, me and my little brother, finished the first brand design in 2017 and in 2018 we released the brand to the European market. The story about the name Carlheim and the designs was born in Denmark, Copenhagen.

For both of us it’s been a place where we have spent much time, as the landing point between going away and coming home. We wanted to take the impressions we got and turn them into something that would last, something for us to share with others. That’s the birth of the brand Carlheim.