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And the design?

Copenhagen was the last stop before coming home. Long journeys, work, socializing, when in Copenhagen I could count the hours, it became my place to breath, it became my place where I was aware of time, the effect it had on me.

I spend hours on planes, in waiting halls, in taxis, meeting, I felt dressed for every occasion, I was always dressed in time, ready to make that impression. I became aware of the details, every time I looked at the time, I noticed that they did too. It didn’t pass by unnoticed.

It says something about you as a person, the details you wear. You set the foundation for the impression.

"I don’t title myself as a designer, but what I am is aware of the details, making an impression."

I started adding the pieces together, first of all my contentment of being dressed for every occasion, making that impression although yet so subtle, combine design with the wide functions of keeping track of time. That’s the origin thought for the Carlheim timepiece.

Through all the countries, in every business meeting, for making the impression, accessories that makes you feel dressed no matter what you are wearing.

Denmark is a magical place for inspiration, its high city pulse, and within minutes standing in silence where two oceans meet. For me it came to symbolize my last stop before being home, before hectic days away in business, before meeting up with friends, colleagues, associates, loved ones, all of those with one thing in common – being in time, feeling the contentment of being noticed.

- Walking into the room knowing that they will notice the details.

My interest in history is the reason for why the first collection is a chronograph, being aware of the history is always important.

What I have kept with me is the phrase “for every occasion”, and that is still that feeling that strikes me every morning, after every shower when I put this timepiece on my wrist.

In the first collection every watch has been given the name of a place I find inspiration in. For the second collection I made it personal, each and every one with its own characteristics. The unspoken king, the flawless queen, the knight whom will never stand down.

I hope the design and quality will meet your expectations! Don't hesitate to let me know if anything.

Stay in touch,